Are you looking for promoters?

No I am not currently looking for promoters, but you are still able to apply!

Do you make custom collars?

Yes I do, please purchase a custom deposit so we can start talking about your order!

Can you make this in a different size?

Most of my collars can be made to different sizes, please read the full listing description if there are size changes available or not.

How do you measure your collars?

I measure from d ring to d ring or buckle to first hole. Please make sure when measuring your neck that you find a comfortable length with a tape measure!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes I do! I ship to all countries!

What are your shipping times?

Custom orders and made to order take anywhere from 1-8 weeks.
Pre-made items are shipped out in 7-10 days.


Do you remake customs?

The only customs I remake are: if they're a basic design with a simple add on or if it is something commonly made from my shop. Custom collars i.e. collaring collars, training, and consideration collars will NEVER be remade.