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Promoter Area

For Promoters Only!

Here you can see updates on upcoming releases, sales, and sale to point system.
Your sales will be updated weekly!

Mentions: All promoters have a 90 day "probation period". If you do not follow the requirements you will lose your spot as promoter, password will be changed, and sales becoming invalid.

-Must promote at least once a week.
-Must announce releases.
-Must be comfortable with giving me your address.
-US shipping is on me, international will be split.
-Customs are not valid with your codes. Please remember to mention this with announcing your code.
-Every sale is work $5; if someone uses your code at check out.
-You may not use your "cash" till you reach at least $25.
-During Holiday or Special Event Sales, you may promote your code (meaning when they check out they mention your name).
-Have fun! I don't want you guys to feel you have to post everything! :3 Also I try to send little goodies to you guys, because I love you! :3
-You may use each other codes for money off and so your fellow promoters can get sales also. You may not use your own code!
-If you have lack of sales, unfortunately you will have to be removed as a promoter. You have two months to get at least 5 sales, if you fall under I will send you a message and remove your code. The password to this page will also be changed. 
-You're the best! <3 Don't forget that!

DO NOT give out password, if you do you will lose your promoter spot.

How to request to change picture:

- Must have a dropbox account
- Add pictures to Promoter folder
- Message me and let me know you want your picture updated
- I am the only one who can see the pictures.

Quartz - 17 sales ($85 value)

Nixie - 8 sale ($40 value)

Lyra -  1 sale ($5 value)