Here you can see updates on upcoming releases, sales, and sale to point system.

Your sales will be updated weekly!


Mentions: All promoters have a 60 day "probation period". If you do not follow the requirements you will lose your spot as promoter, and sales become invalid.


-Must make posts about your discount codes. It will help if you inform them of what type of percent they are saving on their order. It’s always going to be 15% off $18 or more!

-Must announce releases.

-Must be comfortable with giving me your address.

-US shipping is on me, international will be split.

-Customs and Preorders are not valid with your codes. Please remember to mention this with announcing your code.

-Every sale gets you points! If someone uses your code at checkout. You gain the discount price towards an item or custom! So you can save or spend!
EX: Customer saves $4.50 on an order, you get the $4.50 in promoter cash.

-You may not use your "cash" till you reach at least $18. You may save your promoter cash for a fancier item!

-During Holiday or Special Event Sales, you may promote your code (meaning when they check out they mention your name, this is because usually during special events and holidays I will give a discount code higher than the promoter code, if they mention your name during check out you get the percent saved!).

-Have fun! I don't want you guys to feel you have to post everything and every day! :3 Also I try to send little goodies to you guys, because I love you! :3

-You may use each other's codes for money off and so your fellow promoters can get sales also. You may not use your own code; if you use your code, it will not count towards your percent sales.

-If you have a lack of sales, unfortunately you will have to be removed as a promoter. You have two months to get at least 5 sales, if you fall under I will send you a message and remove your code. 

-You're the best! <3 Don't forget that!


How to request to change picture:


- Must have a Dropbox Account:
  * Please Share Pictures Here

- Add pictures to Promoter folder

I am the only one who can see the pictures.

- You can also email me:

- Message me and let me know you want your picture updated

- We do have a discord you can join with this link here!







Promoter Code: # of Sales Total Amount From Sales:
Doll3 3 $18.45
Mutt 1 $2.25
Succubus 1 $7.05
Wabbit 3 $31.77