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Build Your Own Ruffled Collar!

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Build Your Own Ruffled Collar!
Build Your Own Ruffled Collar!
Build Your Own Ruffled Collar!
Build Your Own Ruffled Collar!
Build you own 7/8" or 1.5" ruffled collar! Made from satin ribbon!

These 7/8" or 1.5" collars are made non pleated. Made to any length, with enforced soft polypropylene webbing for extra tugging, pulling, and to hold it's shape!
Comes with d rings or buckle for closure that can have ribbon ties or a lock!

Please fill out all information correctly so your collar can be made the way you want it!
Webbing colors are either black or white.

*PLEASE USE INCHES WHEN MEASURING, round to the half inch if needed! ex: 13 1/8"= 13" or 13.5"*

Please use the first color chart for your ruffled based option!
Please use the second color chart for your center ribbon and bow color!


*Measured from d ring to d ring*
*Buckled collar will be given an extra 1" in length*

Ruffled Base Color:

Center Ribbon Color:

Bow Color:

Middle Bow Color (Optional):

Bow Style :
*For bow c list both colors*

Center Hardware Style:

Ribbon Ties:
-Will not be included if buckled option is purchased-

Webbing Color:



Wrist Cuffs (y/n):


Ankle Cuffs (y/n):



Please put all of this information in the note section when purchasing. Please allow all appropriate times for you collar (or set) to be made!
Bell color will match your collar or a standard silver bell will be given unless stated other wise!

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